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Sooo! Here we go, with my first post. :) This one contains
-12 Ruki icons
-one Ruki banner

hereCollapse )

Also please NOTE: this post will be open until this community gets running properly and I get some members. OTL lol xD
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27 April 2009 @ 04:43 pm


Crediting is veeeeeeeeeery important yes. Everything should be credited for sumire_x, unless I say so. Crediting is easy:

So yeah, when you upload an icon, for example, you just use that code you see in the comment section. It's the same code for everything, not difficult. :)
(unless you're someone like me, for whom it actually took ages to get the hang of). ^^;;


Are good. :) If you're going to take something, i'd prefer it if you comment. Just so i know how many people have taken something etc, but feedback and whatever else are just as good, if not better. ^^


Put short - don't, please. Even if they're not great, I do put effort into these things, and I don't appreciate people changing my work. Especially if you don't ask me first. So. I think we have that clear.


I take them. :)
If it comes to a point where I need it, I'll make a Requests post, but for the time being, just leaving a comment is fine. If you do wish to make a request, you need to give me details of what you want and how much you'll let me freely edit. As in - you can leave me a picture and tell me to make a banner, specifying what colours you want me to use, or if there's a particular quote or something you want me to include, or you can just tell me that you want a banner of Gerard Way or something. Both are fine, but do be aware that the less detailed your request is, the slimmer the chances of it suiting your tastes.

That's all for now, but I might come back to edit this.
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27 April 2009 @ 04:30 pm

WELCOME to sumire_x

This is the graphics journal of karasu12x. Generally, you can expect a lot of music-related posts here. Bands that I'll probably be making a lot of graphics on are My Chemical Romance and The GazettE. It's likely that there'll be other bands appearing here and there, and maybe I'll even include graphics on certain actors or actressess, but as it stands, you can expect the bulk of my posts to be on those two.
I hope this community gets somewhere. It's that, afterall, that gives me the drive to continue making graphics. Resources and credit posts and such shall be made.................... once this actually gets up and running. F.A.Q.s will be made if needed, but as it stands, we're really not that far yet. ^^;;
Aaanyway. Everything is up for grabs, comments and feedback are greatly appreciated, crediting is essential.
And yes. Do enjoy yourselves. ^^
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